MONSPACE attended the Blockchain Summit 2017 in Olympia, London. More than 60 speakers from around the world were present to discuss topics including banking and finance, insurance, health and wellness, entertainment and more. The speakers have in depth discussions on Monday, exploring and analysing the revolutionary implications of blockchain technology.

It’s a new chapter in the history of technological advancements: if the digital revolution brought us the internet and the abundance of information at our fingertips, then blockchain technology is the second wave of it, bringing us an abundance of value through the online world.

Issues discussed during the summit were comprehensive both in breadth and depth, covering topics such as Transforming the Architecture for Money Transfer, How is Blockchain Technology Disrupting the Music Industry, Reinventing insurance: Etherisc Decentralized Insurance, Is Blockchain the Answer to Healthcare’s Electronic Record Sharing Challenges, How Can Blockchain Help Develop Emerging Markets, Blockchain—The Solution for Supply Chain Transparency and more.

This summit also attracted global sponsors. Open Trading Network, American multinational technology company IBM, blockchain infrastructure provider BitFury Group, Zurich, Tesco, and Shell all had corporate representatives who spoke at the summit.


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